News Update on The Ulin Villas and Spa in 2017

Metta Spa Villas and Wellness check this out Metta  Spa Villas and Wellness Metta Spa Villas and Wellness – Designed with health conscious travellers in mind, located within a separate wing of award winning THE ULIN with full access to all the facilities including Belle Kitchen and Lounge. Discover the luxury of true indulgence, an invitation to spa […]

News Update on The Ulin Villas and Spa in 2016

THE ULIN VILLAS AND SPA completed its aesthetic refurbishment Following its recent aesthetic refurbishment, The Ulin Villas & Spa reinterprets contemporary Balinese design through customized interiors and luxurious touches. The refurbishment takes tropical elegance to the next level with a design that is all about living life to the fullest. Each villa is a tropical […]

News Update on The Ulin Villas and Spa in 2015

THE ULIN VILLAS AND SPA delighted to support and take part on ANZGOG Comedy for Cancer fundraising event on September 26, 2015 held at Fairground Follies, ST PETER – Sydney’s most wonderful and best kept secret venues in Australia. The event featured Australia’s best and well-known comedian including Jean Kittson, Mark Humphries, Tommy Dean, Rebecca […]