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Kim Jong Hwang and Family - December 2006
Hi Delima, this is Kim. I really enjoy my holiday in your villa and my family was very satisfied. I?d like to go to Bali as soon as possible. Thank you for your villa and kind staff. I next time visit again with my family. Take care. Best Regards, Mr. Kim
Won Jin Jang - December 2006
We are very happy now because of your good service and excellent room and delightful smile. This is our fantastic honeymoon. Thank You..
E-Cheng Chang / Laura Gil More - December 2006
We were very satisfied! Great place ! will recommended to friends ! Very professional staff !
Mark Cameron - December 2006
I am from a Hotel & Catering background, and I am always highly critical when staying or eating somewhere. If I have excellent service I like to show my appreciation by advising the staff & management, what a great job they are doing. In this format, I?ll be doing a good job for you back in Singapore as I will be recommending your establishment to all my friends, I really have had a most wonderful experience here. No five star resorts could offer the privacy and service that you have. So Well?
Vincent Koh and Andrea - December 2006
Have a wonderful honeymoon stay. Staff being very helpful on recommending places of interest and introducing the right tour guide and driver. Thanks / Terima kasih.
Michiko Otsu - November 2006
We completely enjoyed staying at The Ulin, especially your kindness and friendliness. We?re sure to come back here again
Zukifri Tasman - November 2006
Hotel staffs are very attentive and listen to our needs. I remind them to spray the room, they automatically realize our desire for mosquito, free environment and give us extra plugs, very impressed ! Keep up the good works
Mr. & Mrs. Ng Jong Han - November 2006
It was extremely kind of the hotel to allow us the use the villa until evening when we leave for the airport (ours was a night flight ). Such generosity was really unexpected! Cook to order is a great idea and adds to the exclusiveness of this place. Will definitely recommend Ulin to all my friends! Thank you for making our first wedding anniversary such a beautiful and memorable experience.
Stephanie Lu - October 2006
I have a great and wonderful time at here and we?ll recommended to someone else. Lovely and well trained staffs. Great !!!
Tara Tinslay and Alana Williams - October 2006
Excellent costumer service and cleanliness. Excellent and kind response to call to reception. Drivers and travel assistance excellent. Very welcoming. See You again.
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